COVID-19 Virus Headache Symptoms I could be a confirmed patient?

  COVID-19 VIRUS What are the differences between COVID-19 virus headache symptoms and common headache symptoms?  With the COVID-19 virus , the world is in a state of emergency. Therefore, many countries offer a variety of COVID-19 virus prevention methods. For example, we have presented preventive measures through various methods such as refraining from outside activities, washing hands , and avoiding overseas trips. However, it is most important to refrain from going out and observe the progress if early abnormal symptoms are suspected even if you follow the preventive rules well. There are many people who often have headaches in their daily lives. Are you worried about the same symptoms as the corona? There are many causes of headaches, but you may think that COVID-19 may cause headaches rather than normal headaches now because of the current COVID-19 virus. COVID19  Differences between COVID-19 virus symptoms and other common headache symptoms? First of all, there are symptoms

Wearable? Apple Watch releases devices with health care features?

                                        IMAGE / It can be innovative for those who care about their health and those who have health problems overall. It's called " Apple Watch Series 6 " that's ready for the blood oxygen function. Apple watch 6 excels in design and fit. The combination of colors is very beautiful, and it is excellent in functional areas such as band-type watches, but also in the sense of wear. First of all, Watch Os7 is connected to various functions such as family setting, automatic hand washing detection, and new exercise types. This could come in a new way for health-conscious people in modern society. You can check your health function without restriction in the place. It is important to be able to utilize the health function of the users who use Apple Watch. Blood oxygen saturation can be measured very easily and quickly. What is oxygen saturation? This refers to the percentage of oxygen physically transported from red bl